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The quick and easy way to refresh your smile!

It was amazing. No complaints at all, the staff are very friendly and welcoming. I’ll definitely recommend anyone.

A. Anozie

Wonderful treatment, very professional, kind, informative and helpful, recommend Kaushal.

W. McIntosh (USA)

I have been coming here for 6-7 years and I do not have any complaints. I love my teeth and love the treatment I receive here. Thank you so much. See you soon.

M. Ellingson

Very friendly + good advice which will be taken!


A pleasure as always! Lovely to meet Hanna too.

S. Croston

Alice is excellent!

W. Bishop

Very nice hygienist and reception too!

B. Lumbreras

Laura Bryson, Hygienist. Simple: “She is Great” professional, helpful, friendly.

N. Oulad

Friendly, prompt and professional; you saved the day!

R Lynn

Squeaky clean!

Mr Croston

Fantastic Service. Thank you very much.


Excellent! Well explained; brilliantly done!


Great confidence in your team – inspiring!


Great Staff!
Just saw your wonderful hygienist and feel fully pampered!

N. Ivashenko

1st class treatment I would gladly recommend to anyone, thanks for being available at such short notice!

J. Knowles

Really enjoyed my visit today.. tender care much appreciated. It has been a long time coming as I was abroad but I do look forward returning in the future.

A. Lund

My teeth feel so fresh! Did not believe they could look this good until I saw your hygienist, Gaby Great tips for cleaning too.

T. Day

Never thought I would say this, but more fun than an afternoon in the office!

L. Waters

I have been coming here for 6 years and have no complaints. I love my teeth and the treatment I receive here. Thanks so much- see you soon!


Always brilliant + can always get an appointment.

Claire M

In the sparkly world  of  our Superfriendly Team of Hygienists  discovered that modern customers were interested in more than just a regular clean and polish service.We also discovered that one of the first things patients called to ask before visiting a Hygienist was just how friendly and experienced they are .

A we are thrilled to emphasise  our pride in having selected the most experienced highly regarded team you could imagine! – having over 20 years experience between us and top reviews and “Thankyou’s!” collected from thousands of patients you can be rest assured when you visit Quicksmile you’re in the safest and friendliest hands possible!

Following positive feedback from literally thousands of satisfied clients we devised 3 tailor made cleaning options to suit your sophisticated requirements :-

The Quicksmile (a quick clean) ,the Superclean (a more advanced clean) and the highly popular Ultraclean“an instantly brilliant way to lighten and brighten your teeth without the initial need for bleaching! …”

“Passionately brightening the smiles of highly satisfied customers for 10 successful years…!”

Our Hygienists now offer complimentary ‘before and after pictures’ of your smile using their Intra Oral cameras to show you how fabulously fantastic their services are!

Choose one of our 3 fabulously fresh Hygiene services to achieve a dazzling smile today !

  1. 1: Quicksmile £78

    A 20 minute simple clean and polish to refresh the smiles of people on the go!

    Call us today on 020 77667150

  2. 2: Superclean £88

    A most excellent way to really freshen up your smile!

    A more thorough and effective clean and polish in a 30 minute session including an all important gum health check and oral health advice. We offer complimentary fresh breath advice and explain how to maintain this all important freshness!

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  3. 3: Ultraclean £118

    Our most popular procedure includes the benefits of both Quicksmile and Superclean to give you an instantly amazing result!

    Our incredible ‘AirJet Spray’ system is followed by gentle buffing of the teeth with a High Gloss Diamond paste.

    “Our highly experienced Hygienists will give you an Instantly whiter and brighter smile without bleaching”

    More information on our Jet Spray Polish »Book Online »

*Please note more than one Hygienist visit may be required in cases where periodontal status is compromised (Gum disease evident) Your Hygienist will fully inform you in such cases

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We offer sensational and safe Quicksmile Teeth Whitening Systems in the form of...

  • Home whitening £375.
  • In-Office Laser Whitening £575.
  • Ultimate effect combined whitening system £690.