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Dental Examinations
Initial Dental examination for new patient
£70 includes 2 small X-rays, gum health check and treatment plan.
Routine Examination
Emergency consultation
Composite Fillings
Optimal Grade Composite Fillings
Small fillings
£135 per tooth
Medium fillings
£200 per tooth
Large fillings
from £245 per tooth
Teeth whitening
Home whitening kit
Advanced Power Laser Whitening
£550 (Latest laser technology as used on TV celebrity smile makeovers)
Combined Whitening System
£650 (Zoom and Home Whitening)
Ultraclean featuring Jet Spray Polish
More than a scale & polish this system brilliantly gives you an instantly whiter smile without bleaching!
We only use Premium grade Dentsply Implants
Guide price for implant and crown to replace tooth
from £2800 per tooth
Single implant placement only
from £1375 per tooth
Implant Porcelain crown
from £850 per tooth
Customised abutment (post)
from £575.00
Bone graft (from intra oral site)
from £1280.00
Sinus Lift
from £720.00
Guided bone regeneration
from £550.00
Socket preservation
from £550.00
Same day teeth – Per Jaw (Including Definitive Bridge)
from £14,500.00
Orthodontic Treatment
from £1800 – £4500
Short Term Fixed Braces
from £1900 – £3500
We use High Grade “LIFE LIKE” Optimum Quality Porcelain
from £760 per unit
Crowns, Inlays and Veneers
We use High Grade “LIFE LIKE” Optimum Quality Porcelain
Porcelain bonded to metal
from £760 per tooth
Full ceramic crowns
from £860 per tooth
from £860 per tooth
Direct Composite Veneers
from £370 per tooth
Root Canal
Root canal treatment
£540 anterior teeth
£595 premolar teeth
£680 molar teeth
Re-root canal treatment quoted upon assessment.
Teeth Extraction
Simple Extraction
from £190 per tooth
Complex Extraction including wisdom teeth
from £270 per tooth

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Reputation Reviews

We offer sensational and safe Quicksmile Teeth Whitening Systems in the form of...

  • Home whitening £345.
  • In-Office Laser Whitening £550.
  • Ultimate effect combined whitening system £650.

It was amazing. No complaints at all, the staff are very friendly and welcoming. I’ll definitely recommend anyone.

A. Anozie

Wonderful treatment, very professional, kind, informative and helpful, recommend Kaushal.

W. McIntosh (USA)

I have been coming here for 6-7 years and I do not have any complaints. I love my teeth and love the treatment I receive here. Thank you so much. See you soon.

M. Ellingson

Very friendly + good advice which will be taken!


A pleasure as always! Lovely to meet Hanna too.

S. Croston

Alice is excellent!

W. Bishop

Very nice hygienist and reception too!

B. Lumbreras

Laura Bryson, Hygienist. Simple: “She is Great” professional, helpful, friendly.

N. Oulad

Friendly, prompt and professional; you saved the day!

R Lynn

Squeaky clean!

Mr Croston

Fantastic Service. Thank you very much.


Excellent! Well explained; brilliantly done!


Great confidence in your team – inspiring!


Great Staff!
Just saw your wonderful hygienist and feel fully pampered!

N. Ivashenko

1st class treatment I would gladly recommend to anyone, thanks for being available at such short notice!

J. Knowles

Really enjoyed my visit today.. tender care much appreciated. It has been a long time coming as I was abroad but I do look forward returning in the future.

A. Lund

My teeth feel so fresh! Did not believe they could look this good until I saw your hygienist, Gaby Great tips for cleaning too.

T. Day

Never thought I would say this, but more fun than an afternoon in the office!

L. Waters

I have been coming here for 6 years and have no complaints. I love my teeth and the treatment I receive here. Thanks so much- see you soon!


Always brilliant + can always get an appointment.

Claire M